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Moving forward together

Arete Healthcare is a Management Services Organization (MSO) and Clinically Integrated Network (CIN) that brings high-value musculoskeletal practices together to achieve healthcare's quadruple aim

The combination of an MSO and CIN enables practices to achieve their full potential both as an essential part of the healthcare system and as a financially viable practice

Management Services Organization

Arete Services

Managment Services Organization (MSO)

Adopt modern technology ordinarily out of reach for small to mid-size practices to simplify and derisk practice, and practice anywhere anytime
  • Focus on patients not paperwork

  • Modern, interoperable, cloud-based electronic health record (EHR)

  • Sophisticated revenue cycle management (RCM) process

  • Integrated banking platform associated with very low credit card fees

  • Block-chain enabled credentialing process

  • Convenient, high-quality and timely continuing education

  • Group purchasing to obtain favorable pricing - insurance, 401k, technology

Clinically Integrated Network

Arete Networks

Clinically Integrated Network (CIN)

Preserve the distinctive attributes and competitive dynamics of independent practices  and enhance with the benefits of a larger group
  • Vertical integration with medical groups, ACOs and other CINs

  • Support population health strategies and tactics

  • All practices adopt common EHR, HIT, RCM and clinical practice guidelines

  • Pooled data to continuously improve value and enable CMS MIPS participation

  • Non-exclusive payer contracts with risk sharing or quality incentives

  • <25% of practices in a market - minimize inclusion of direct competitors

  • Firewalls to avoid sharing competitively sensitive information

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