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Value-Based Spine and Joint Care - Software Tools to Support

It's no secret that value-based healthcare models are the model of the "now". In states, such as Colorado, nearly 70% of primary care groups support value-based payments. Now it's time for value-based models to move into specialty care. Following three years of study and pilot testing, Colorado Integrated Care Network is one of the first mid-scale models to announce readiness in moving fully to value-based for spine and joint care. Our innovative tools that have been developed as a result of our study and pilot testing value-based care are a game-changer in supporting value-based in musculoskeletal care environments.

Software Tools to Support Value-Based Musculoskeletal Care

Torrent Software

CICN helped develop Torrent Software, a data-driven clinical decision-making software. In a 2017 pilot study of Torrent Software average visits to resolution were reduced roughly 50% for most diagnoses included in the study (see below). This study paired Torrent Software and Training in a team-based care environment compared to training only in a team-based care environment

BlueJay Engage

Both provider and patient engagement are key to successfully supporting value-based models in musculoskeletal care environments. While Torrent Software is primarily provider-facing, BlueJay Engage is the patient facing component. BlueJay Engage is used by CICN to support home care, patient reported outcomes, telerehabilitation and telemedicine, and capture key outcome metrics virtually.

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